Using Watukushay For Everyone

The Watukushay For Everyone expert advisor is meant to be used only on the EUR/USD one hour chart as this is the timeframe and currency in which the EA was designed, studied and optimized. The WFE gives moderately profitable results on other currencies, such as the GBP/USD, but only the EUR/USD yield highly profitable and consistent enough results to consider it a good alternative for long term profitable trading. This is due to the high liquidity of the EUR/USD against any other currency pair which makes its trending and market moves much cleaner and more technical than any other in forex trading.

The only thing you need to do when you use the WFE expert advisor is to set the variables according to your particular trading conditions. Please refer to the Profit/Risk section to set the Risk variable, set the five_broker_variable to true if your broker uses five digits, set the backtesting variable to true if your backtesting (false when forward testing). The initialbalance variable should be set to the balance amount of the account when Watukushay FE is first loaded and the Magic Number should be set to a random value different from that of all other experts loaded within the account (this is the expert's ID).

The backtesting true/false variable only allows or disallows the use of two decimals in trading. The mt4 backtester (on some versions) only accepts orders down to 0.1 lots while live trading accepts orders down to 0.01 lots. If you are demo trading in an account that does not allow trading 0.01 lots, please set the backtesting variable to true. In order for backtesting to use money management correctly you need to use a large enough account size. Please use an account size of at least 10,000 USD, preferably 100K if you are going to use Risk values lower than 3.

In order to trade this on a live account you need an account balance of at least 1000 USD and being able to trade down to a 0.01 lot size, any lower balance will not allow the correct trading of the EA on a standard account due to the lot size calculation which may require trading less than 0.01 lots on smaller accounts . If you want to trade with a lower amount you can start with 100 USD on a micro account such as those offered by fxclearing or IBFX. Please make sure that your account has a 10,000 USD contract size if you intend to trade such a small amount.

When loaded into the chart correctly, the EA will display data on the top left corner such as in the picture shown below. The EA trades in average once every one or two weeks so be patient since it won't be opening many positions. The EA will also only have ONE position open at a time.
I do hope that the WFE expert advisor is the start of a profitable venture in realistic long term profitable trading in the forex market for many people out there. I made this EA with the idea to help my fellow traders make money in automated trading so I hope I will be able to achieve this goal. Please leave your comments if there is anything else you would like to know about using WFE !

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  1. hi Daniel. Does this work on an EUR account?

  2. Hello,

    The EA works on EUR based accounts. However make sure you run it on demo first to ensure that everything works as it should. Make sure that when you load it the text displayed showing SL, TP, Lots, etc show reasonable values. Make sure you leave a comment :o)

    Best Regards,


  3. Hello Pria,

    For starting with a small 100 USD balance I would recommend a broker with a 10,000 USD per lot contract size such as on IBFX mini accounts, LiteFX or FXclearing.

    However there is currently no bias to say that certain brokers should be better or worse than others. Time will tell as we get results from different sources.

  4. I've been getting some incorrect lot size errors with brokers that don't allow micro (0.01) lot size increments.
    You should check server's min lot size and in case it is not 0.01 round up or down to the nearest minilot.


    You could allow for manual lot size setup.

  5. Hello Ximio,

    Thank you for your comment. Setting the backtesting variable to true will cause the EA to trade only on 0.1 lot size increments, this however increases the minimum capital needed to trade with a Risk=3 setting to 10,000 USD with a 100,000 USD per lot contract size or 1000 USD on a 10,000 USD per lot contract size account.

    Allowing the manual setting of lots is a VERY BAD idea since the dynamic money management adapted against both the balance and volatility is VITAL for the profitability of the trading system. Trading a fixed lot size makes the exper t unprofitable since it loses most of its adapting capability. People often underestimate the importance the calculation of the lot size has in the long term :o)

    Thanks again for your comment. I hope you enjoy Watukushay FE.

    Best Regards,


  6. Hola Daniel.. I'm totally a newbie in this about Forex Trading, I starting maybe 2 or 3 months ago .. I found your newgrid EA very interesting.. specially in the Strategy tester of Metatrader---

    Excelent Job, Im still dont have a real account but I keeping prtactising and trying to understand more about this.

    Well.. about your WA-FE file, also looks like very interesting..but.. dont ndetrtand well.. how its works.. have to read more more..your site..

    I put the WA 4E in a H1 eur/usd says SL and TP 72. ans lot size 0.1, Can I change that try something diferent? and also.. in the strategy tester.. always have loss in the tests... with WA-4E due the SL.. how can i Change SL?

    sorry my bad english..

    Big hug.. and excelent work!

    Roberto from Asuncion PY

    Since one week ago im following you, and becoming your new FAN

    Thank you for your work, sorry my english..

    Big hug

    Roberto From Asuncion PY

  7. Hello Roberto,

    Thank you for your comment :o) Don't worry about your English, its good enough to understand what you want to say. Regarding the TP and SL values, they represent percentages of the ATR and they evolve as the market changes. The reason why the SL and TP cannot be changed is because the EA can give extremely profitable results with very low TP values which are NOT reliable due to one minute interpolation errors. In order to avoid the use of the EA in an unsound and probably devastating manner I kept the adaptive parameters fixed. If you want to further discuss this you can email me at I also speak fluent Spanish so feel free to email me in this language if you want to. Thank you very much again for your interest,

    Best Regards,