What is Watukushay For Everyone ?

The Watukushay For Everyone or WFE trading system was developed by me, Daniel Fernandez, as part of the development of my Watukushay Project at http://fxreviews.blogspot.com. The project aims to develop trading systems that are long term profitable which have all the development stages perfectly documented in order to let traders benefit from walking through the whole process of profitable system creation.

The expert advisors developed in the Watukushay project have to comply with several characteristics. They must be :
  • Based on sound trading and money management principles
  • Have dynamic SL, TP and lot size adjustment techniques to change against different market conditions. These values MUST adapt themselves the to market and equity as they change.
  • Trade only on indicator and price values of previously closed bars.
  • Have a large average SL and TP, at least 10 times the average spread of the instrument traded
  • Have profitable backtesting periods from 2000 to present.
  • Have live/back testing consistency (expert trades very closely in live trading and simulation)
The WFE trading system was developed with all the above concepts in mind. This trading system is based on sound trading and money management techniques and executes them on the EUR/USD. The system is totally free and allows you to benefit from a well designed, long term profitable system that delivers results in long term time frames. The system adapts itself to changing market conditions and provides the trader with a path towards long term profitability.

How much will you have to pay to get WFE ? Absolutely nothing. It is totally free, no catch. I developed this as my Christmas present in 2009 for my fellow traders because I consider that there must be a free trading system that anyone can use to profit in an automated fashion from the forex market. I make my money from trading, not from selling systems and my ultimate goal with my web pages and system development is to profit from the trading of my systems and to help traders progress.

Will this make everyone trade WFE and make it unprofitable ? This will not happen mainly because profitable trading systems are extremely difficult to trade and as Richard Denis said about his turtle trading system, even if everyone knows about it only a bunch will have the confidence to trade it successfully. I am giving you now the WFE trading system for free, with the hopes that some people will have the knowledge and confidence to trade it successfully. As most long term profitable systems, the WFE system has long periods of draw down before its profitable periods so DON'T consider it a short term profitable system and bash it in 2 weeks or 3 months when you don't get profitable results. It is a LONG term profitable system, which, given the time, will deliver the expected results.

If you would like to learn more about the Watukushay Project, long term profitable automated trading systems and how you can get the knowledge and confidence to trade them profitably please visit me at http://fxreviews.blogspot.com where you will find hundreds of articles on automated and manual trading.