Although I provide the automated trading system and all the information on the site with good faith you should understand that my suggestions do not constitute investment advice and that any decisions you take to use the system provided in anyway is nothing but your own responsibility. I have made my best effort to program and prove the profitability of the trading system, however, you must understand that market conditions are impossible to predict and the possibility that the system may be rendered unprofitable exists, although I have done as much as I can to reduce this probability to a minimum. The trading system has also been programmed and tested in good faith and I made my best effort to make it as reliable as possible, however the system is provided as IS and I take no responsibility for any actions consequence of the software. It is your sole responsibility to test the system on your particular trading platform and broker and ensure that it works as you want it to.

Also as a final reminder, please understand that in general foreign exchange trading carries an enormous risk and that it should ONLY be done with money you are willing to lose. Trading forex with funds you cannot afford to lose is an EXTREMELY bad financial decision since it is one of the most difficult and harsh market places to trade and carries a real risk of total money loss.

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